Had breakfast in bed! Walked to Wharf 6 in slight rain and just as we reached it the rain started bucketing down. Very, very heavy. So heavy that there was flash flooding in Sydney!


We ran to a souvenir shop and got soaked. Try running in wet flipflops! Then ran back to near Wharf 6 where we had some lunch as the rain eased. We had an ice cream on the way back. There was a cruise liner in.

IMG_6087_resized IMG_6088_resized

We went back to our room and read until mid-evening when we went out for a dinner cruise. The cruise ship slipping her mooring lines.


Having our canapés before sitting down. We had the top deck to ourselves as everyone else kept under cover.

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Shadow of the cruise ship on the Opera House.

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Interesting trying to take night photos from a moving ship!

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The dinner cruise was 6 courses with a new drink per course!


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A piano player and singer entertained us during the cruise. Suddenly they started playing Happy Birthday and I was given dessert with a sparkler on while all the staff and diners sang!


Finally we also had an Irish Coffee and then a Port. Very nice!


Back near the hotel.