We had a more relaxing day today!

Keith had been on an early shift so when he got back we went out to The Botanist for lunch. Then Noel wanted to look at lawn irrigation systems (!) so we went to a Mitre10.

Noel decided he still had room for some chocolate cake. And ice cream. 😉


About 5:30pm Lynne, Noel and I drove to Paul & Karen’s for dinner. Gail and Mike (Noel’s friends who were also at our wedding) also came. Paul showed us around their impressive house before showing Noel his ‘irrigation system’! 🙂

We had a lovely NZ lamb meal and chat. It will be a shame not to see them again for a while. I’m looking forward to more walking with them! Or should I say ‘tramps’! 🙂

I meant to take a photo of our group…