The airshow today had a similar display to yesterday’s timetable. The weather was sunnier and we thought the displays were just that bit better.

RNZAF Kiwi Blue Parachute Display Team.

IMG_7071_resized IMG_7075_resized

The Hercules released a bit more chaff than yesterday!


There was a helicopter display of 14 helicopters in line which was impressive to see. One of the pilots was a friendly chap called Jerry whom we sat with at dinner in the evening.


Some of the Yak-52s taking off.


The Spitfire.


The Yak-52s display was very good.


IMG_7106_resized IMG_7107_resized

We went for a walk to talk to the Spitfire pilot, Sean Perrett. Here’s Noel, Sean and Max with Brendan Deere’s Spitfire behind. Sean was a nice, friendly chap and flew some very good, graceful displays which showed off the plane very well.


While we were with Sean some other people came up and talked to him and Max was asked for an autograph.




Mustang with Graham Bethell.


Jurgis Kairys racing the Lamborghini.


Like Father, like Son. 🙂


There were 6 jet planes racing which included 2 Vampires.

IMG_7139_resized IMG_7140_resized

Kittyhawk preparing to take off to oversee the racing.

IMG_7142_resized IMG_7152_resized IMG_7154_resized IMG_7156_resized

This is an interesting couple of photos, taken at the start of the race as everyone is roughly level. Ignoring the Kittyhawk at the top, there are 6 jets in the bunch. In the first photo one vampire hides the other unless you look very carefully. The second photo shows two vampires slightly more clearly (when you open the picture).

IMG_7158_resized IMG_7159_resized IMG_7165_resized IMG_7171_resized IMG_7185_resized IMG_7187_resized IMG_7192_resized IMG_7196_resized

Jurgis again.

IMG_7197_resized IMG_7198_resized IMG_7199_resized IMG_7200_resized

Hard to see but there are LOTS of smoke twirls from LOTS of spins… o_O



He found a friend!


And on the next pass flew around the DC3.

IMG_7223_resized IMG_7230_resized IMG_7232_resized

Spitfire and Mustang.

IMG_7241_resized IMG_7243_resized IMG_7245_resized IMG_7246_resized IMG_7251_resized IMG_7254_resized IMG_7256_resized

Well, it was a sunny day!


The Avenger decided to fold its wings.

IMG_7259_resized IMG_7260_resized IMG_7262_resized

So the Corsair did too.

IMG_7265_resized IMG_7268_resized IMG_7271_resized

Then there was a battle with the Yak52s being the baddies.

IMG_7279_resized IMG_7280_resized P1010170_resized P1010171_resized IMG_7281_resized IMG_7284_resized IMG_7286_resized

And having been hit, trailing smoke into the gully.

IMG_7289_resized IMG_7290_resized IMG_7293_resized

End of the show, a tribute to the WW1 pilots.

IMG_7295_resized IMG_7299_resized IMG_7304_resized IMG_7307_resized IMG_7309_resized IMG_7313_resized IMG_7314_resized IMG_7316_resized IMG_7318_resized IMG_7321_resized

On the way back from the airfield to Cardrona we stopped by the bra fence.


An unusual postbox.


After an hour back at base we went out for the end of show dinner. Sir Tim Wallis had kindly asked all 3 of us to sit on his table. Here’s Max.


We bumped into a friendly lady we met in Hastings (Hawke’s Bay), Judith Grant – a flying friend of Jan Chisum. She is going over to the UK in the summer and she confirmed that she will be in contact to go flying from White Waltham. She had been working as a volunteer over the 3 days of the airshow.

John Lamont and Keith Skilling.


Max and Sir Tim talking to 2 members of the French air force.


Lady Pru talking to Stu Goldspink in the background and Max, Trevor Graham (commentator) and Sir Tim in the foreground.


Bevan Dewes (who flew the Chipmunk) with the two commentators.


We sat near a very nice couple, Jerry and Shirl Rowley. Jerry had flown one of the helicopters in the display and Shirl had been nanny to the Wallis’s 4 sons and they both now host at Minaret Station. Jerry was a farmer but started flying helicopters and now flies them commercially. He said he had a long chat with Richie McCaw about flying and that Richie was a really nice guy and had done the commercial flying bookwork in a very short time.

Also on our table were Tom and Gay Williams, we first spoke to Tom at Masterton last November for the WW1 airshow we flew in to with Max and then met both Tom and Gay at the Tauranga airshow in January. Lovely people. Tom is the Wings Over Wairarapa Airshow Director. He would like Max to go to Wings Over Wairarapa airshow in January.

At the end of the evening there was a short firework display which finished off a very nice evening and 3 days of airshow.