We had a busy admin day and wrote lots of Thank You cards. We went to the post office, bought some stamps and took them over to a seating area to stick them on the envelopes. Who should be sat opposite us but our friendly florist Nat! So we fished out one of the envelopes and gave it to her! 🙂

We did our walk down and up Bluff Hill three times before running out of time so had to stop. Shame, eh! 🙂

At 6:10pm Noel, Max and I turned up at Jan & Jerry Chisum’s at Bridge Pa with some take-away roasts. Jerry had flown up from Blenheim to see us. It was a very enjoyable evening devoted to talking about flying! It shows how good an evening it was that Max (and Noel and I) didn’t leave until 10:40pm, way past the time in an evening when he would normally leave. We will miss Jan & Jerry as they are very good company.

On the way back to Napier on the main road we were slowed and then stopped by a warning sign saying ‘Danger!’ so we pulled over to the side of the road and let part of a house pass by! Don’t normally see that in the UK!