More packing and trying to re-arrange the contents of bags.

Pauline arrived around 9:30am. We had a coffee sitting outside, eating some muffins she had kindly bought.


We need to empty our kitchen shelves so we called Judy (neighbour opposite) over and Pauline and Judy took some of our food. A bit later Judy popped over and invited us for lunch.

We had a nice, quick lunch with Judy and Graeme before we had to get ready to go flying. We are taking part in the Hasting Dawn Raid on Waipukurau tomorrow so want to take the plane (C172) up for a play and get it ready for the early start. We left for Hastings at 2:30pm, checked the plane out and then Noel flew and then I did.

Lake Poukawa from the north-east.



Tukituki River.


Hastings in the sun (from the east).


Tukituki river leading to Haumoana south of Napier.


Near Te Mata Peak.




Rolling hills.


Rolling hills, Mount Erin, with the coast beyond.


We parked and went inside to book-in. It’s an electronic form and we had a great deal of trouble trying to get it to accept our details. It turned out that a ‘Notes’ Section required something to be written – it couldn’t just be left blank! The bigger problem was that until we fathomed that, we were listed as becoming more and more overdue and it would be flagged up shortly.

Bruce Govenlock, the President of the club kindly stayed on and helped us put the plane in the hangar before locking up – closes at 5pm.

On way home we bought a take-away roast and stopped at Max’s.