After checking out of the hotel we stopped briefly at GlideOmarama just down the road to change the size of a T-shirt (too many Hokey-Pokeys! šŸ™„ ). Mandy, on duty there, said that the two gliders for the Wanaka display had been transported by road yesterday and the tow plane had flown downĀ late afternoon yesterday.

We then went and had breakfast at the Wrinkly Rams again before driving through the Lindis Pass to Queenstown – a stunning drive. We had been warned by a local that we had to be careful of tourists driving along the Lindis Pass as they would sometimes go on the wrong side of the road and in strong wind (like today) their camper vans could drift across. Luckily we didn’t see any dodgy drivers.Ā The temperatureĀ got down to 4 degreesC and there was slight snow on the tops of the mountains from overnight falls. I really wish I had packed for cold weather! Below, looking back at part of the Lindis Pass.


We got to Queenstown Airport in time to collect Max. Below, The Remarkables with some mountains behind. šŸ˜‰ Oh sorry, Max and Noel with the Remarkables behind.


From there we stopped at a supermarket for supplies and then drove to our rooms inĀ Cardrona via the Crown Range. Below, the zig-zag road going from Queenstown north up the Crown Range.


Part way through the drive we stopped and looked back – Queenstown airport in the centre. I took a similar picture 10 years ago!


After a hot cross bun and coffee we had a rest and then drove to the Cardrona Hotel. ItĀ was within spitting distance but we didn’t realise that and anyway it was freezing! Inside, I kept warm from the roaring fire and having to get up repeatedly to shut the door after people didn’t shut it!

Below, we’re enjoying a drink at the Cardrona Hotel before dinner.