We turned up in time for the 10am start of the display.

IMG_6791_resized IMG_6795_resized IMG_6796_resized IMG_6797_resized

RNZAF Kiwi Blue Parachute Display Team.


IMG_6806_resized IMG_6814_resized

Some interesting condensation around the propellers.

IMG_6815_resized IMG_6816_resized

The Hercules ended its display by releasing some chaff.


Then there were 14 helicopters. They had hidden in the valley beyond the runway so appeared by rising from the valley.


Sport Aircraft Display.

Kitfox VII.


Hornet STOL.


Sea Rey.

IMG_6829_resized IMG_6830_resized IMG_6831_resized

Brendan Deere’s Spitfire. His uncle, Al Deere, shared a tent with Max for 18 months during WW2 when they were on 485 (NZ) Squadron. Max and Noel went and talked with the pilot, Sean Perrett, after the display, a nice guy.


The Yak-52s taking off.

IMG_6833_resized IMG_6834_resized IMG_6836_resized

Max and Noel watching the Spitfire display.

IMG_6840_resized IMG_6842_resized

Back to the Yak-52s.


IMG_6845_resized IMG_6850_resized

The WW1 display.

IMG_6869_resized IMG_6872_resized IMG_6874_resized IMG_6875_resized IMG_6878_resized IMG_6880_resized

The glider duo display.

IMG_6893_resized IMG_6897_resized

Richie McCaw’s dad flew the glider tow plane again.


I flew in this with Gavin Wills (chap in the orange hat) on Tuesday.


Moths plus Chipmunk.

IMG_6898_resized IMG_6902_resized

Jurgis Kairys in a Sukhoi 29 vs Greg Murphy in a Lamborghini.

IMG_6904_resized IMG_6909_resized IMG_6913_resized IMG_6914_resized

Noel and Max.



Jet racing.


IMG_6922_resized IMG_6923_resized IMG_6927_resized

Jurgis Kairys taking off for his display.

IMG_6930_resized IMG_6931_resized IMG_6935_resized IMG_6937_resized IMG_6945_resized IMG_6948_resized



Mustang and Spitfire taking off.

IMG_6955_resized IMG_6956_resized

Most of the people in the stand had their gold caps on (signifying their gold pass entry).

IMG_6957_resized IMG_6958_resized IMG_6959_resized IMG_6964_resized

Not surprised are you? 🙂 Ice cream from Rush Monroe’s (Hawke’s Bay)!


IMG_6973_resized IMG_6974_resized

The smoke ring from an explosion.



IMG_6978_resized IMG_6979_resized IMG_6980_resized IMG_6984_resized

Avro Anson.

IMG_6997_resized IMG_7008_resized IMG_7009_resized IMG_7010_resized IMG_7011_resized IMG_7013_resized IMG_7015_resized

Then there was a bit of a battle…

IMG_7017_resizedIMG_7021_resized IMG_7026_resized IMG_7028_resized IMG_7037_resized IMG_7038_resized

One down….

IMG_7042_resized IMG_7049_resized IMG_7050_resized IMG_7051_resized IMG_7052_resized IMG_7054_resized IMG_7057_resized IMG_7058_resized IMG_7059_resized IMG_7060_resized IMG_7062_resized IMG_7063_resized

Ignoring the colour scheme, we decided we’d quite like this – a Just Aircraft Highlander Super STOL.


It was a thoroughly good day. The weather had threatened a good amount of rain for much of the day but it never really came to anything more than a few spits.

We drove back to Cardrona and had dinner at the Sombre Duck (!) on-site.