We spent most of the day packing, then re-packing, trying to get the bags to their 23kg limit without going over. In the end we packed another extra bag each and even then have to post some things home and leave some things here!

Look what Noel found in the washing he brought inside – a Praying Mantis!


A Hercules did a number of touch and go’s at Napier and its circuit took it over Bluff Hill, where we’re staying. I only had my camera ready on the last circuit so this is the only picture I got as it flew away.


Don Wilkie, who paints and draws and who has given Max a picture of his Spitfire OU-D, came round at 5pm to give us some pictures to take home. We had a good chat and rustled up a drink.

At 7pm we went to an Indian in Napier, Indigo, to find Pauline had arranged for her friends Lynda and Judy & Graeme to be there already. Judy and Graeme found us our flat and live opposite us.

Afterwards we went on to Churchills for a very nice affogato.