Today was very busy. Final packing and flat cleaning.

The priest, Fr. Peter Head, who conducted our wedding and whom we had taken flying a week later was back in the area after an operation and had kindly arranged to see us at 11am. It was lovely to see him again and we had a nice chat.

Then we saw Pauline to say a sad goodbye to her. She has been a star, helping and looking after us.

There are new next-door neighbours who have a very friendly young cat which came and visited while we had a quick coffee on the lawn outside our flat.


We took our hold luggage to the airport early and then left our car with the people who are going to sell it on behalf. Max had kindly let us borrow his car.

We walked 3 doors down to Peter (Noel’s cousin) & Yvonne’s but only Peter was there. It will be a shame not to see them too. Every so often Peter would pop in to our flat and we’d have a chat.

We visited Noel’s Mum’s and sister’s grave and then went to Max’s for a couple of hours. Then we drove with Max to Napier airport and waited for our flight. We were sad to say goodbye.

After a quick flight we were at Auckland and picked up our hire car, crammed our luggage in and reached Lynne & Keith’s by 8:30pm. There we found Sarah & Gary and Jane – Jane & Sarah are Noel’s cousins. Lynne had very kindly cooked us all a lovely meal and we had a good evening.