Our friend David from our flying club in the UK was arriving this evening so we were busy sorting a few things out today. While at the flat we could see some of the planes practicing ready for their displays for the Art Deco Weekend, either at the airport (which we can see from the flat) or coming over Bluff Hill and over Marine Parade.

For those who don’t know, Art Deco Weekend is an opportunity for people to get dressed in 1930s fashion and promenade and hundreds of vintage cars turn out. There are lots of events people can go to with an Art Deco or 1930s era theme.

The town was starting to get busy with people and vintage cars etc. We passed this about lunchtime!


There was an air display scheduled in the evening so we drove down to Marine Parade to watch. Lots of others had the same idea so we had to park a distance away. There was a bit of traffic on the way…!


Very nice, graceful display by the Spitfire.

IMG_4279_resized IMG_4282_resized IMG_4283_resized

The Navy put in an appearance.

IMG_4300_resized IMG_4301_resized IMG_4308_resizedIMG_4318_resized IMG_4336_resized IMG_4342_resized

After the display finished we wandered over to the Soundshell where a band was playing. Lots of people were dressed up.

IMG_4356_resized IMG_4361_resized

We managed to find Pauline and her friends, sitting at a table outside the Masonic so we had a chat with them before we had to head off to the airport as David was arriving on the 9:05pm from Auckland having come from Oz.

We arrived just in time, collected his rental car and then drove to The Thirsty Whale for a drink or two. It was great to catch up with him again.