Art Deco Weekend – Saturday!

Max has been involved in helping organise the 50th anniversary celebrations of Napier Airport. We drove him (with his VIP car park pass 🙂 ) and David to the display at the airport. There were a number of static planes and some good flying displays were put on which we were able to watch from the VIP enclosure.


Note the moon!


Don Wilkie, Noel, David and Max. Don has done some very good paintings of planes, including the Spitfire which Max flew.

IMG_4382_resized IMG_4385_resized


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A visitor from the Central Hawke’s Bay Aero Club, where we have been doing Tiger Moth flying.

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Venom, didn’t see it fly.

IMG_4440_resized IMG_4441_resized IMG_4443_resized IMG_4446_resized IMG_4450_resized IMG_4453_resized

The moon again!

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Mustang, Noel and David.

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We left about midday so we could go to Marine Parade to watch the procession of vintage cars driving past followed by the vintage bicycles and vintage motorbikes!

The place was packed with people, the vast majority of whom were wearing period dress. It was a very, very hot day. We really enjoyed the spectacle (and ice creams 🙂 ) but we eventually had to retreat into some shade for a cool drink.


Note the 2 children in the back of the red car.

IMG_4488_resized IMG_4492_resized IMG_4495_resized IMG_4501_resized IMG_4505_resized

WW2 Searchlight.


Watching the yacht chase. Our neighbour Graham, in a Flying 15, was the first monohull across the line and third overall. 🙂

IMG_4509_resizedIMG_4515_resized IMG_4517_resized

This made me laugh – the fire engine being there ready for the steam engine.

IMG_4518_resized IMG_4523_resized

Note the wing mirror!

IMG_4525_resized IMG_4528_resized

Having recovered a bit we took David to a camera shop as his had broken, he bought a camera, we had another ice cream and then we went back to the flat to recover from the sun a bit more.


For dinner we bought a kebab to eat on the beach. The shop owner asked if we were doctors as we’ve been a few times now(!) and he thought we were eating healthily, which he was correct about. He also said we looked like we could be doctors!!

Another good sunset!


The harbour.

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Pauline was attending the Depression Dinner so we went into Napier to catch a glimpse of what people were wearing for it. We managed to spot Pauline so she came over for a chat with her friend Gillian who was visiting for the weekend. We had a good walk around town seeing what events and dinners were going on and listening to the street bands and watching the dancing. We bumped into Pauline’s brother and sister-in-law, Ian and Heather, so had a quick chat with them.


Pauline and Gillian dressed for the Depression Dinner.

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David and Noel on the left. The searchlight in the background.

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