We have a long list of things to sort out for our imminent wedding. Today’s biggie was to try to get a wedding photographer sorted out.

We rang a local one who had been recommended but they were too busy but they recommended someone else. We arranged to meet him in the afternoon.

He came over from Devon (UK) just over a year ago. It turns out he was a salesman for Synopsys software some years ago. My memory may not serve me correctly but I think I used it at university and the course was taught by a different chap but with the same name as the photographer!!

The afternoon turned out to be quite rushed as we were at the photographer’s for a while, then we went dinner shopping before visiting Lorraine and Mark where they were staying at Ahuriri – a really nice location, looking out over the marina and hills.

We’d forgotton our shades and hats so they lent us some caps.

IMG_2490_resized IMG_2494_resized

Then we all went to Max’s for dinner before driving back to Ahuriri and a nightcap.

Another good evening!