Well, I suppose it’s one way to get fit and fully wake up – we decided that we would walk down and up Bluff Hill via the steep Havelock Steps & Road before breakfast today. The fly in the ointment is that it wasn’t going to be just once or twice but EIGHT times (almost 80 minutes)! Not that we’re nervous about the forthcoming Tongariro Crossing walk. Oh no. Of course not.

It was quite fun as on a number of our up or down passes we met up with another chap doing the same thing and who would put on an eye-rolling, exhausted puffing as he went past to accentuate how steep it was and then he’d be fine. I was doing the opposite…exhausted puffing until I passed near him when I pretended to be fine… 🙂

Wedding – we visited a few florists and suit-hire shops today and sorted out some music.

After seeing Max and Rose in the evening we called in on our neighbour Judy. Pauline was already there so we had a nice glass of wine, looking out over the view of Napier from the hill. Then they made an Affogato with Hokey Pokey ice cream – delicious! However, it definitely requires much, much more testing until it’s finally, definitely about right. 🙂