After a good breakfast I, Noel, Max and Peter drove to Tauranga Airshow. We arrived soon after 9am so managed to park quite close to the front as the display started at 10am and it was also looking like it was going to be quite a wet day.

We set up ‘camp’ and went for a wander and found some interesting planes and then Jan and Jerry Chisum. The airshow was interrupted at times with some rain and it always looked threatening. We also managed to meet up with a lady, Christine, whose B&B I stayed at 10 years ago and whose partner is Les Munro, the Dambusters raid pilot.

A Seawind 3000.


A Quickie Q200.


A Long Eze jet!


Noel and Max with Graham Bethell and the Mustang.


Jerry and Jan sorting out the Gipsy Moth.


New(er) and old.

IMG_3451_resized IMG_3452_resized IMG_3453_resized IMG_3454_resized

Max and Peter.

IMG_3455_resized IMG_3456_resized IMG_3457_resized IMG_3458_resized IMG_3460_resized IMG_3461_resized IMG_3463_resized IMG_3464_resized IMG_3465_resized IMG_3466_resized IMG_3469_resized IMG_3470_resized IMG_3473_resized

Christine Ross, Les Munro and Noel.


Christine took a photo of Les and me 🙂

IMG_0489_resizedIMG_3477_resized IMG_3479_resized IMG_3481_resized IMG_3482_resized IMG_3483_resized IMG_3484_resized IMG_3487_resized IMG_3489_resized IMG_3490_resized

Les Munro DSO DFC mid and Max Collett mid.

IMG_3492_resized IMG_3494_resized IMG_3495_resized IMG_3497_resized IMG_3500_resized IMG_3505_resized IMG_3510_resized IMG_3515_resized IMG_3522_resized IMG_3532_resized IMG_3537_resized IMG_3540_resized IMG_3559_resized IMG_3560_resized IMG_3570_resized IMG_3586_resized IMG_3590_resized

An interesting effect with the prop wash and condensation.


Noel and Peter.

IMG_3593_resized IMG_3602_resized IMG_3605_resized

They displayed some very fast model jet planes. I didn’t even bother to try to get airborne photos of them!

IMG_3618_resized IMG_3626_resized IMG_3635_resizedIMG_3656_resized IMG_3658_resized IMG_3661_resized

Once again, an interesting effect with the prop wash and condensation.


The Tiger Moth (Dave Phillips) gave a magnificent display.

IMG_3687_resized IMG_3710_resized IMG_3712_resized IMG_3714_resized IMG_3749_resized IMG_3750_resized IMG_3751_resized IMG_3752_resized IMG_3762_resized IMG_3772_resized IMG_3775_resized IMG_3778_resized IMG_3784_resized IMG_3788_resized IMG_3795_resized

There was a stunt at the end involving a race between a fast car on the ground and the speed of dropping the car to the ground.


Max, Noel and Peter.


After the airshow we went back to Peter and Jeanette’s, met a friend of theirs and had a good evening.

We agreed to accompany Jeanette up Mt Maunganui at 7am next morning. I’d like to say the sun had got to us but although we did have some sun today we were rained on more!