After breakfast in the hotel we went to the Weekend Market which was just outside the hotel. Some interesting items there and if it wasn’t for luggage space and cash shortages I could have bought quite a lot! 🙂

Further ice cream testing was needed. Harbour bridge in the background. I think my ice cream must have started off larger than Noel’s…. 😉


We walked over to the wharf where cruises were leaving from. Nearby were these guys playing a CD of Aboriginal music.


One of the cruises leaving with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background.


We got on a 2hr ‘Coffee Cruise’ which took us to the Harbour entrance and Middle Harbour, on the way dispensing a coffee and a box with cakes. Mmmm.

Below is where we embarked.


If you look carefully you can see people walking on top of the bridge. A company runs ‘climbs’ up the bridge.


Below is the area where we had dinner last night.

IMG_5805_resized IMG_5808_resized

Heading towards the Harbour entrance, away from the bridge.

IMG_5812_resized IMG_5814_resized IMG_5820_resized IMG_5823_resized IMG_5824_resized

Fort Denison in the foreground to the right.


There were lots of sailboats. I felt sorry for the ferry captain trying to weave a path through them.

IMG_5841_resized IMG_5848_resized

Shark Island.


Nielsen Park. Note the shark net poles! 😮


Lots of boats having fun.

IMG_5861_resized IMG_5863_resized

Picture taken from the Harbour entrance.

IMG_5872_resized IMG_5880_resized


A glass of wine beside Clontarf.


Where there was an assassination attempt on Prince Alfred in 1868.

IMG_5893_resized IMG_5897_resized

As we went back towards the bridge we could see threatening weather forming but it didn’t develop into rain.

IMG_5906_resized IMG_5911_resized IMG_5912_resized IMG_5913_resized

Fort Denison.

IMG_5920_resized IMG_5923_resized

The Prime Minister’s Official Residence.


The Opera House with The Rocks to its right.

IMG_5928_resized IMG_5929_resized IMG_5933_resized IMG_5936_resized IMG_5938_resized

Having gone under the bridge, this is looking back.

IMG_5943_resized IMG_5947_resized

Some of the Old Wharves.

IMG_5950_resized IMG_5953_resized IMG_5961_resized

Coming back past where we had dinner last night. Tall ship moored up.


Big plane overhead!


Seaplane overhead!


This is where the Cruise Ships dock.


We got back to the hotel and had a coffee in the lobby. Noel then did some work into the evening.

Just before 9pm we decided that after all that adventure we were hungry. Some of us more hungry than others…! 🙂 We went to the Lowenbrau Keller, a German-style restaurant where the staff dressed in traditional German clothes. Pork knuckle anyone?!