This afternoon we had arranged to pick up Christine Ross and Les Munro from their motel and take them around to Max’s for afternoon tea. For the eagled-eyed blog readers among you, you will already know who they are! For the rest, I stayed in Christine’s B&B in Tauranga 10 years ago and she was a very good, kind hostess. I met her partner Les Munro then; Les served on bombers during WW2 and took part in the famous Dambusters raid and he is the last surviving pilot of the raid.

We met up with them in Tauranga in late January and they were coming south through Napier so we managed to catch up with them again. They are really lovely, friendly people.

Christine and me (with Max’s shadow putting in an appearance!).


Christine and Les.


Les and Max.


After leaving Max’s Noel and I drove them through Napier to see the Art Deco buildings and then up to the Bluff Hill Lookout. It was rather windy up there so we didn’t stay long!

We said goodbye to them just as Christine’s grandson arrived to take them out for dinner. It was really nice to see them – they are very good company.

It was a good sunset, quite hazy though. This is the view down one of the roads from where we’re staying on Bluff Hill.

IMG_4226_resized IMG_4230_resized