Lynne and Keith had promised to take us mountain biking so we went to Woodhill Mountain Bike Park and cycled 7.6miles/12.2km through the forest. It was really good fun and Lynne and Keith were very patient with us. I’m looking forward to going again although I think I need to be fitter for the next time! Or borrow a new set of legs.

All I can say is that I was glad we’d been walking down and up Bluff Hill in Napier almost every day!







Afterwards we went to a café run by a friend of Lynne’s and had a great smoothie and a bite.


We went back and saw Jacob, Keith’s son, and after changing we went out for a game of mini-golf.

The rules were whoever wins buys the ice-creams and whoever gets a hole-in-one buys the wine.

Keith was lucky (or unlucky!) enough to both win and get a hole-in-one 🙂


so he bought the ice-creams.


Of course, it was all careful planning on my part (not) as he beat me by one shot.

The winner being mauled by a ferocious beast!


In the evening we went out for dinner at Miss Clawdy’s at North Wharf in Auckland’s CBD. Delicious food.

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