This morning we walked another 6 times down and up Bluff Hill.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Mission Concert. Being locals now(!) we managed to bump into a couple of people we knew – one being a guy on security and the other being Noel’s second cousin once-removed. The concert is a big thing in Hawke’s Bay although this year’s wasn’t as sold out as some years. It was billed as the British/Irish invasion. Quite what Leo Sayer and Billy Ocean thought of that I’m not sure…

The main lineup was Leo Sayer, Billy Ocean, Sharron Corr, Melanie C and Ronan Keating.

We parked the car not far from the venue but then got a tractor to the entrance!


We arrived about 5pm and met up with Pauline and her friend Nicki. We’d all brought food/drink so had a pretty good picnic in the baking sun (yes, baking even at 5/6pm!). Some people got into the swing of it by dressing in a UK or Irish theme.

There were some more minor bands playing before the bigger line-up which started at 8pm.

IMG_4114_resized IMG_4117_resized IMG_4120_resized IMG_4122_resized

Billy Ocean.


Leo Sayer.


Sharron Corr.


Melanie C came on then Ronan Keating.


Leo Sayer in the background!


Usually, the hills around the stage are completely full. This year there was room on the hills and it was easy to move around.


The Moon and Leo Sayer.


Sharron Corr.


The Hawke’s Bay Trio…aka Pauline, Noel and Nicki.


There was a brief break before Melanie C and Ronan Keating.

IMG_4171_resized IMG_4172_resized

Melanie C and Ronan Keating sang a duet.IMG_4177_resized

Then all 5 acts came out and sang at the end.


Only count four there – Billy Ocean gone walkabout…


The music ended by almost 11pm and I was impressed with how ordered an exit it was – I saw one police van in the distance but that was it – no police helping to move us on or tell us where to go.

I think that was because they were all down the road waiting to catch drunk drivers – on the way back there was a roadblock where the police were breathalysing everyone. Luckily Noel had been a good boy and passed.