Another busy day. Sorted out the printing of some things for the wedding.

Treated ourselves to lunch at Ahuriri today before going to The Old Church for a meeting to discuss Wedding Reception things. Went back briefly to the flat before going to Max’s. The retirement village was having drinks from 4-6pm with music from about 5pm, followed by a BBQ so we sat chatting with some interesting people. One had worked for many years as an engineer on board ships across the Atlantic and had his Chief Engineer’s ticket. There was someone else there who, the first time he saw Max, said he recognised him – turned out this chap was in Canada during the war and took some Kiwis who were undergoing flying training out for a trip, and one of the Kiwis was Max! And now this chap lives in the same retirement complex in Napier!!!!!

Enjoyed the BBQ and the coffee after and then Noel and I went to Ahuriri’s The Gintrap for a couple of drinks followed by coffee at the Thirsty Whale.

The Mission Concert tomorrow…