Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne suffered a power cut this afternoon. Noel and I were were going through photos (luckily on a laptop) but we had a call from Jan Chisum who was in the area and due to the power cut couldn’t do what she had intended so we met her at The Thirsty Whale.

We had taken the precaution of bringing a bottle of wine and glasses with us in case the power was out there (which it was) and just as we were discussing what to do there was a big cheer from the bar and the lights went back on again. So we had a very pleasant time chatting over a couple of drinks.

Then Pauline joined us as we had arranged to go for a Thai nearby so she had a quick drink. I mentioned to Jan I had looked up a film maker she had recommended called Gaylene Preston. Pauline then said her sister had been at school with Gaylene! I have said before that if you have Pauline or Max with you in Hawke’s Bay then you know everyone! 🙂

We moved on to the Thai and had a lovely, friendly meal. Jan said Jerry flew a WW1 plane at Omaka. The visiting royals, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were at Omaka. Pauline had some other royal gossip. 🙂