Up early today to take the defrosted turkey out of the fridge, a quick breakfast then over to Max’s with a few more bags of food and cooking trays.

Put the turkey in the oven and got some more vegs sorted.

Pauline came round late morning for some bucks fizz and nibbles 🙂

IMG_2173_resized IMG_2174_resized

The turkey and trimmings (roast potatoes, roast kumera and roast pumpkin and carrots, beans and peas and sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and bread sauce) turned out well so the turkey wasn’t the only thing which was stuffed by the end of the meal!


If you look carefully there are baubles hanging outside on the fence.


We had desserts ready but we were all far too full so decided to have the desserts in the evening.

While Max had a snooze, Noel and I drove off along the Marine Parade and found an ice cream shop open. Double scoops but it is Christmas!


After going back to the flat and opening some presents we went back to Max’s where there were some ham / turkey sandwiches on offer along with a gin and tonic and also the desserts – Christmas pudding & custard and/or cream, fruit salad, cream puffs and meringue/cream/strawberries, which were washed down with a nice cabernet dessert wine and then one of Rose’s Irish Coffees. Finally, a piece of Christmas cake and a Baileys. 🙂

Without matches, Max improvised to light the Christmas pudding and Noel poured the brandy. First attempt lit the pudding for a short while.


Second attempt, Max was having far too much fun.