We discovered there was to be a WWI airshow at Masterton on Saturday afternoon.

As we haven’t yet converted our UK PPLs to NZ so that we can fly solo we hired a plane and instructor and flew down with Max to Masterton.

The weather on the way wasn’t perfect – there was a chance we might have to turn back near some hills but it turned out to be ok and we got there. Noel flew there and I flew back.

Leaving Hastings.

IMG_0871_resized IMG_0881_resized IMG_0883_resized

Waipukurau in the far distance.



IMG_0887_resized IMG_0894_resized IMG_0896_resized IMG_0897_resized

Masterton airfield.

IMG_0901_resized IMG_0904_resized IMG_0911_resized

The airshow was fabulous and the aircraft were flown with spirit.

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By the time I flew back the weather had improved and it was a beautiful early evening flight, with shadows on the hills.

P1000285_resized P1000287_resized P1000288_resized P1000289_resized P1000291_resized P1000294_resized P1000303_resized P1000309_resized P1000318_resized


P1000320_resized P1000323_resized P1000329_resized

Back at Hastings airfield.