The alarm sounded again, this time not so early so I recorded it.

We drove into Matakana then Warkworth to find a birthday present for my niece Teresa. We found something in the I-Site and the nice lady there wrapped it for us so I could then post it. The helpful Kiwi lady had lived in Fleet, UK for some time, which is not far from where I worked!

Most houses have post boxes outside and some people ‘do them up’. I haven’t bothered photographing them before but I think I might start. First up – a Pukeko.


Ian and Marianne had recommended the Dragonfly café so we found that and had a coffee and a bite for lunch. Then we found Charlies Gelato Garden (also a recommendation) and checked out their ice cream. Very good! So good that Noel had almost finished his before I got to take a photo! 🙂


Another post box on the way home.


We stopped in Matakana on the way back and bought some things to cook for dinner. When we got back there was another alarm sounding across Leigh.