Having been really good about keeping fit we had an 11 day lay-off and are paying the price so today we walked down and up Bluff Hill 6 times. Gets the old heart rate going. No cats to be stroked this time either, which was rather disappointing!

Good news – our cake topper arrived from the States today. In one piece. I’d like to say what it is but it’s a secret until 2 March. Really neat though.

We went round to Judy’s for dinner this evening. She lives opposite our flat and is a friend of Pauline’s and found the flat for us. We took around an artichoke/parmesan starter (tastes nicer than that sounds!) which went down well (thanks for the recipe Barb! 🙂 ). We had a very nice time and dinner was delicious. AND we got our cat-stroking fix sorted as she has a black cat with white paws called Socks.