Day 2 of the Timber Trail dawned much more nicely than the previous day. There was no rain and it was going to be a lovely day. No killer hill for a start. At least, that’s what we thought.

My shoes hadn’t dried but at least they weren’t sopping wet!

Here’s a picture of the elevation recorded by my GPS as we cycled Day 2. We went from 1400ft to 2000ft with an elevation gain of 1800ft.


Keith, Lynne and Noel at the start of Day 2’s cycle.


Keith, Lynne, Me and Noel. Noel and I were each having a patriotic day! 😆


We were fortunate that having done some long cycles in Hawke’s Bay and also some steep (although not very high) hills our muscles weren’t complaining too badly, they were just tired. It was also possible to sit on the saddle too, which we were very pleased about! 😯

At the Maramataha river bridge, after about 4km. It is the longest (141m) and highest (53m) bridge on the trail.

P1000655_resized IMG_2358_resized IMG_2364_resized IMG_2365_resized IMG_2367_resized IMG_2368_resized

P1000660_resized P1000662_resized IMG_2370_resized

View from the bridge.

IMG_2371_resized IMG_2374_resized





Looking back at the bridge with Keith on it.


Keith cycling along the bridge.



25 minutes later, very pretty. The foxgloves were very common – not that I was appreciating them much on Day 1 due to the rain and mud – did I mention that?! 🙄


Another 25 minutes later, about 11.30am and we stopped for a nut bar.


12.15pm and another bridge.

P1000668_resized IMG_2392_resized

30 minutes later we stopped to admire the view which had opened up.


Soon after, we stopped for lunch at the information placard for No.10 Camp, once a large bush camp for loggers. It was only after we cycled off after lunch that we then came across the actual No.10 Camp shortly after!

1.35pm and another view.

IMG_2395_resized IMG_2396_resized

A few minutes later we approached another bridge.


View of the track on the opposite side of the valley, which we had just cycled along.


View from another bridge of part of the Ongarue Spiral.


Keith taking a picture of the Ongarue Spiral.


After emerging from the tunnel.


There were some fast downhill bits and then we exited the Trail and rode a few km on the road to our pickup point at Ongarue – a very quiet place! This time we had arrived ahead of our agreed meeting time!

An easier day than Day 1. The initial 10km climb of Day 2 was expected (and easier than Day 1) although the second climb was rather sustained and just kept going, reasonably gentle though it was. There were some good downhill bits and it was certainly much easier not having so much mud or rain.

We bought an ice-cold coke from the chap who owns the tractor in the picture. When he heard we’d cycled Day 1 in all that rain he declared ‘You guys are Gods’. 😎 NZ isn’t a bad place is it!

IMG_2406_resized P1000673_resized IMG_2410_resizedIMG_2418_resized

Our transport arrived on time and loaded our bikes on the trailer.


They’d heard we were coming and shut up shop. Ever seen a Western when the baddies arrive in town and people shut their doors and windows? Must have been Noel… 🙂


Back at our accommodation – some Maori land with the “Day 1 mountain” in the background.


Honest, it was really hard work – it was so high!


We had well-earned showers and a drink and then drove to Whakamaru for a coffee with Lynne and Keith. We parted ways there and Noel and I drove to Taupo, arriving in the evening.

Apparently you can eat your McDonalds in the plane!


The mountains should be in the background but it was very hazy. The wine was well-earned!


Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe.