The day after Noel’s birthday we were invited sailing by Peter, a friend of Pauline’s, on his 36′ boat – a 33′ Townsend which he extended to 36′!

Before we went sailing we walked down and up Bluff Hill.

IMG_1175_resized IMG_1176_resized

Sailing along the Napier waterfront. The Masonic is 2/3rds along to the right.


Zoomed in to The Masonic.

IMG_1182_resized IMG_1183_resized

Bluff Hill.


The Masonic again.


Bluff Hill, with the harbour to the right.


After mooring up we had a drink on board before dinghying ashore. By this time we had gone rather red from the sun – very much stronger than in the UK. As we were leaving, we had a call from Noel’s cousin Peter (and his wife Yvonne) who rang to invite us for evening drinks so after a quick nip home we walked 3 doors down to their house! It’s a lovely place with a balcony with great views of Napier and the bay.

We then had a call from Peter (sailing) kindly inviting us for drinks but we had to decline as we were at Peter’s (cousin)! šŸ™‚ Confused yet?!

After a while the evening drinks turned into fish and chips outside. A very pleasant evening.