We stayed in the Warburton Lodge, although not in the lodge building itself. Noel went out and found some breakfast after which we drove to Yarra Junction and had a quick look around. I won’t mention the cup cake if Noel doesn’t. 🙂

Then we drove west to Di’s. Di, Max and Rose and Jason and Michelle were there, along with lots of dogs.


Di and Rose went out shortly after for a midday appointment to get their hair done ready for the wedding at 5pm. Seeing as it was lunch time Noel and I went out and got some lunch for us all.

Jason and Michelle had been doing some work at Di’s place to help and had cut down some plants which had grown in front of a window. Here’s Noel grappling with another tree to cut it down.


There was a funny moment – the bathroom door does not have a lock on it and we could hear Max rattling the door from inside the bathroom. Instead of Max being stuck and not being able to get the door open, it was rattling because he had decided a lock would be useful so he’d gone out and bought one and he was fitting it to the door. DIY at 90 years old. 🙂

Around mid-afternoon Noel and I left to get ready for the wedding, which was being held at Myf’s family’s farm, not too far from the Reefton Pub, to the east from Warburton.

The evening was forecast to be wet and as we drove to the 5pm wedding it started slightly raining. Once we were out of the car the rain became heavier. Poor Riley had been busy all day putting up a marquee so that everyone could sit inside for the meal just in case it rained. But the ceremony had been set up for outside. All the guests mingled under cover until just before 5pm when the rain stopped and we were able to gather where the wedding was to be held. As it happened the rain held off for the time it needed to and once we were gathered for dinner in the tent it then restarted with a vengeance.

Wedding celebrant, then Riley, 2 friends and Vincent, Riley’s eldest brother. A pipe played as Myf arrived.


Myf’s parents had planted flowers in various locations ready to flower for the wedding. Two bridesmaids waiting for Myf, together with the photographer.


Myf’s Dad driving her to the wedding on his tractor. 🙂

IMG_5364_resized IMG_5366_resized IMG_5371_resized IMG_5372_resized IMG_5376_resized IMG_5379_resized

IMG_5382_resized IMG_5384_resized IMG_5385_resized IMG_5387_resized IMG_5389_resized


Riley giving Myf her ring.


Myf giving Riley his ring.


IMG_5394_resized IMG_5397_resized

During the signing of the Register Winston, Riley’s brother, sang and played the guitar.

IMG_5402_resized IMG_5403_resized IMG_5404_resized IMG_5406_resized

Photographs afterwards.

IMG_5416_resized IMG_5417_resized


The four brothers: Winston, Riley, Bentley and Vincent.


With Auntie Rose.


Max and Jason.


Rose and Noel.

IMG_5430_resized IMG_5431_resized

Me and Rose.


Another group.


A Groomsman with Winston and Max, making good use of the tractor.


Another group.


Max and Noel.


Jason, Max and Noel.


Jason found a flower…


…which got passed around…


…to Noel 🙂


Some of the Top Table.


Riley before his speech.



Myf’s Dad giving his speech.


I told you it was wet!


Di, Riley’s mum, giving her speech.


Riley giving his speech.


Riley’s uncle Andrew talking, with Riley, Myf and Myf’s parents.


The cake table looked impressive.



A happy Michelle and Noel. 🙂

IMG_5474_resized IMG_5476_resized

Noel’s happy – he’s got a cake!


We then decided we should probably move the car from the field it was in – the rain had intensified and we didn’t think the car would be able to get out beside the muddy gate later. We gingerly walked over to the car in the dark and then I stepped in a deeper puddle. At that point there was no point trying to keep feet dry any more! We moved the car and went back to the party for another few hours.

Lots of Riley and Myf’s friends and family were camping on-site and stayed up dancing for some hours. A good do!