Unlike my normal 1st Jan days in the UK, it was a lovely warm day in Hawke’s Bay so we drove over to Waimarama Beach for a swim.

This picture shows the beach we’re driving to.

IMG_2212_resized IMG_2213_resized IMG_2216_resizedP1000630_resized

Must bring a surf board next time…

P1000631_resized P1000637_resized

We had meant to bring beach towels but realised they were still sitting safely in their bag, ready to go, in the flat. Luckily it was very hot so we dried quite quickly.

On the way back we stopped for a coffee near the beach and then drove up Te Mata Peak to look at the views. There was some weather coming in from the west.


Craggy Range Winery beside the river with Bluff Hill, Napier to the left in the far background, sticking out into the bay.

IMG_2224_resized IMG_2228_resized IMG_2231_resized

Looking over to where we flew and did some stalls, steep turns and PFLs for the BFR.


Driving back we stopped halfway down for a wine at The Peak restaurant – it has lovely views of Napier, Hastings and Havelock North from its balcony.