We were up early so we could catch the boat over to Kapiti Island Nature Reserve. We arrived at Kapiti Boating Club on Paraparaumu Beach and Kapiti Island Nature Tours ran an instructional video and we bio-security checked our bags to prevent any bugs etc being imported onto the island. Huge efforts have been made to eradicate introduced mammals such as rats, stoats and possums so that it becomes a haven for native plants and birdlife. A possum was seen floating on a log near the island in 2012!

About 9am we were in a small boat, being pulled by tractor onto the beach and into the water.


We jumped out at Rangatira Point and walked around to a meeting place where a guide met us and gave us a briefing.

P1000692_resized IMG_2526_resized

Jack, and Noel trying not to look like a tourist. Oh no. Not at all. 🙂


After the briefing we left the shelter and found a Kaka – never leave a bag around as it is guaranteed that a Kaka will be able to open it.

IMG_2530_resized IMG_2533_resized

The guide who briefed us. Note where the zips are located in this and the next photo!

IMG_2535_resized IMG_2536_resized

Having failed with 2 people’s bags it turned its attention to Jack’s bag.

P1000695_resized IMG_2538_resized IMG_2539_resized

I had been watching with amusement when out of the blue the Kaka flew up, landed on my bag and had a go at the zips, only prevented from success by intervention!

P1000697_resized P1000698_resized P1000699_resized

Having been thwarted it flew off into the trees. At that point a Weka turned up. If the Kaka doesn’t get your belongings a Weka will! Very, very quick at stealing things.


We were shown some of the plants and wildlife by the guide. There were some interesting spiders webs in the bushes.


After being shown around we started on the walk to Tuteremoana, the highest point on the island at 521m. We took the steep Trig track route up and the slightly less steep Wilkinson track down.


At the bottom of the hill.


NZ Robin and North Island Robin. (I think.)

IMG_2548_resized IMG_2549_resized

On the way up we passed a stone chair with this plaque on it.


Onwards and upwards…


Interesting umbrella!

IMG_2555_resized IMG_2557_resized

Just pausing to admire the view. Honest!


A feeding station for the Stitchbird (or Hihi) – sugar water is put in these cages to sustain the endangered population.


There is a Hihi inside the cage and one on the outside on the right hand side.


A Weka.


Saw this interesting pattern from a stump.


Still going up…


A Tui.


We made it to the top but there was some cloud just on the very upper parts of the island. There was a funny moment when Jack got to the top, looked out, couldn’t see the mainland and said the cloud was worse than he’d thought. After suggesting he turned around and looked in the opposite direction he could then see the mainland 🙂 The path had been quite winding and twisty so it was easy to mistake the direction!

Me, Jack and Debra.


Noel and Me.


Debra and Jack.


The view of the rugged NW coast.

IMG_2594_resized IMG_2595_resized IMG_2592_resized

The mainland, beyond the cloud.


Lunchtime 🙂


After trying Jack’s homemade mustard… 🙂


We were careful not to leave our bags and lunch lying around as this Weka would have been off like a shot with its contents.

P1000711_resized IMG_2602_resized

On the way down. Jack doing his best David Attenborough impersonation.


This Kaka flew overhead and landed in a nearby tree.


Still going…


Below the cloud level and the forest opened up into a lovely view.

P1000719_resized IMG_2612_resized

Noel and me.


Jack and Debra.


Waiting for the boat.


Approaching the mainland the boat aimed for a trailer which a tractor had put in the sea. Once ‘driven’ onto the trailer the tractor pulled us ashore.


Kapiti Island in the background.

IMG_2619_resized IMG_2622_resized P1000728_resized

Too much excitement and exercise 🙂

P1000730_resized P1000734_resized

Just what the doctor ordered.


Another culinary delight was rustled up by the dynamic duo aka Jack and Debra 🙂

Seriously though, it was very, very nice. Sheila (Debra’s Mum) and Noel looking forward to the ‘Sumac and Orange Salmon’ which was done to perfection.


And finally, a beautiful sunset 😎