Saturday. We walked from the hotel to the Napier Farmers’ Market and had a sausage for breakfast. Followed by a cup cake. And then a pretzl! Post-wedding diet going well! πŸ™‚


In the afternoon we drove over to Hastings airfield as they were hosting the Sport Aircraft Association NZ National Fly-In over March 6-9, celebrating 50 years since the organisation’s founding. There was an impressive number of aircraft parked up with many flying.


As we wandered around we bumped into Jerry Chisum and Bruce and Stephanie who congratulated us on getting married – apparently Jan had been showing pictures!

We also had a good chat with two guys who were distributors for the Sirius.


Jan & Jerry Chisum’s Gipsy Moth.


An Aeronca C-3. Seriously?! Look at the undercarriage! I know, what undercarriage!!?

IMG_5042_resized IMG_5046_resized

Fox Moth ZK-APT.


Taylor Monoplane.


These are for my sister-in-law Stacy! πŸ™‚ A Jodel D-11.

IMG_5055_resized IMG_5056_resized IMG_5057_resized IMG_5064_resized

I liked scale replicas until a good friend Markus mentioned that one’s head would look big in them!


Noel kitted out in West London Aero Club shirt. Black probably wasn’t the best colour to wear on a baking hot day!


We did like this Acrosport. It turns out the build project was started by the pilot who flew the Tiger Moth over our wedding reception!


We bumped into Jan Chisum who was driving visitors around and then went up to the bar which opened at 5pm. We sat on the balcony and had a good chat with a chap who is building an RV-9. SAA prize-giving was at 6pm and we left after it finished.