Noel and I had breakfast again at the café which had good views of the hills.


Then we bought a pie for lunch at Di’s and drove to Di’s. When we arrived Max was in the process of fixing her standard lamp! Di, Noel and I took the dogs for a walk, down to the dam and past it before turning back.


Please pick me up…



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After all that walking it was time for sleep for some of the dogs. 🙂



We had lunch then Noel and I drove to Melbourne’s CBD to stay there for 2 nights to allow us to look around tomorrow.

This was beside the car as we were leaving.


We got to Melbourne’s CBD and could see our hotel but it seemed impossible to get to it due to various no right turn signs we came across. It wouldn’t have mattered except we needed to return the rental car by a certain time. Eventually we managed to get to the hotel, quickly dumped our bags in the room and then drove off to the rental car place via a petrol station. We returned the car just in time before it closed. Phew! Then it was a hot walk back to the hotel by which time a Gin & Tonic sounded like a very good idea!

Walking along the Southbank Promenade to find some dinner.


The Polly Woodside.