On Monday 18 November we each had a flight to go through the handling of the C172. Noel flew first and flew to Pakipaki where he was put through his paces doing medium turns, steep turns, stalls with and without power and in different configurations, PFLs (Practice Forced Landings) and then we flew over to the low-flying area where we flew at 500′ QNH and we flew 180 degree turns in different scenarios. Precautionary landings followed beside the river and then flight over the river at 200′ QNH. Following that he did 2 circuits, one with flaps and one shortfield.

Then it was my turn and we did pretty much the same (one less stall) although by this time the rain which had been in the distance had reached the river so it was good fun doing the low-level flying part with heavy rain on the windscreen! I finished with flap, flapless and shortfield landings.

All these pictures are from Noel’s flight. I put a log of the flight (with some pictures) on EveryTrail.

Leaving Hastings airfield.


At Pakipaki, on base for the PFL.


Craggy Range.


Losing height for a PFL.


At the low-flying area.


Steep 180 degree turns at 500′ QNH.

IMG_1247_resized IMG_1256_resized IMG_1258_resized

At 200′ QNH.

IMG_1269_resized IMG_1272_resized IMG_1273_resized

Leaving the low-flying area for the airfield. Note the heavy rain in the distance which was over the river by the time it was my turn for low flying.