We were booked in at 10am for David, who is driving our wedding car, to have a drive in it. The company is called Hooters and has been formed by an English family who have emigrated here. The brake and accelerator are swapped and the gear stick movement is kind of back to front. At least cars drive on the left here – one less thing to think about!

It turns out that David was brought up very near to where the owner used to live in the UK!

IMG_4667_resized IMG_4670_resized

One of the Art Deco vintage car casualties…


Note the figurehead!


David driving back.

IMG_4675_resized IMG_4676_resized

We then drove out to Eskdale Church so that David could see the route and then went back to the flat for lunch. At 1:30pm we were going sailing with Peter, Pauline’s friend.

Here’s a log of the route.

Leaving Napier harbour, The Thirsty Whale and The GinTrap in the picture.


Noel and David.

IMG_4682_resized IMG_4685_resized

David and Peter.


Bluff Hill in the background.


Bluff Hill.


Approaching the mooring.


After saying goodbye to Peter we went to Ahuriri and David went for a swim.


David ‘Daniel Craig’ Hanchet.


Obviously the sea can’t have been cold enough so an ice cream was needed.


We sometimes see these sitting on the top of lamp posts with their wings out in an upside-down V shape!


Looks like a boiler on the shore.


After that Noel and David got fish and chips while I got a kebab (the shop owner gave me a free one due to our good custom! 😯 ) and we ate it beside the harbour watching kids practice water polo in kayaks.

Then we went to Max’s for a drink and on the way back bought a few groceries.

Another full day.