Thursday. The first morning we didn’t have to be up and about!

So we called into PortOCall in Ahuriri and had cream tea (for lunch!). They don’t really have clotted cream over here though.

We had a nice chat with the girl who served us – we’d last been in about 5 months ago when she was very new to NZ and we’d had a chat then and she was now about to go back to the UK for a few months before coming back to NZ.

She very kindly brought us out 2 large pieces of fudge – one strawberry and one Baileys – and she wouldn’t charge for the subsequent tea and coffee as a wedding present!

In the afternoon we checked into The Masonic Hotel, had a glass of wine on the balcony, drove out for an ice cream then saw 12 Years a Slave at the local cinema before going to an Indian a short walk from the hotel.