Noel and I had a quick breakfast on the rooftop where we were staying before we had to shoot off to the brunch BBQ which was being held at the Villa beside where the reception was yesterday. View from the rooftop.

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Once again, we were very fortunate that various people helped us and sorted out the BBQ. We’d bought the meat and bread rolls and drink but the Coughlans very kindly provided the salads and breads etc and Paul & Karen had bought more juice and Paul with Keith were looking after the BBQ cooking. So all Noel and I did was turn up!


The deck at the back of the Villa was a good size and the view looked out onto a vineyard.

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Somehow, David had never been introduced to the trick of hitting a beer bottle on top of another one…. 😆

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Peter and David.


Grub’s up!

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Karen, Carol and Noel.

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The view outside!


Keith and Lynne.


Jack, Debra, Mike and Stephanie.


BBQ-Masterchef Paul checking on the post-match situation…. 😛


Happy munching…

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By 1pm David had found the Jaffas (mmmm!) while Paul was NOT going to be beaten by the space-age coffee machine saying it needed maintenance! Apparently those staying in the Villa overnight had individually gone to the kitchen to get a drink and had been unable to find any mugs. They were eventually located in a mug-warming drawer!


David seeing if he can assist!


The brunch BBQ went very well and by maybe 2pm-ish a lot of people had started to leave to make their way home. There was also a brief period of rain which caused a quick retreat indoors but by then most people had left.

It was great to see Jan Chisum who arrived in the early afternoon with a friend and had a look around the Villa and then left with Pete in tow to have a look at some Jungmann parts.

Noel and I then left Laura and David while we went off to sort out a few post-wedding things. We arrived back at the Villa at 4.30pm to find Pete and David and Laura on the iced wine. Pete left as he had plans that evening and the rest of us went to Max’s for a drink. David had a good test of Max’s whisky! Unfortunately his glass must have had a hole in it…!

Then we went back to the Villa and Pauline arrived with some salad and delicious corn on the cob which was swiftly cooked and some of the BBQ meat warmed up. But first we started off with champagne!


David, Pauline, Laura, me and Noel.

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After dinner I started downloading some photos which Pete had taken on his phone and kindly left for me to use. After Pauline left, Noel and I left David and Laura to continue checking the beverages were suitably alcoholic and they stayed up until gone 2am, checking from the vineyard that the stars were still in the sky!