Today was a busy day!

We’d worked all day yesterday and most of this morning on the wedding invitation.

In an effort to at least maintain our fitness but hopefully to improve it for the Tongariro Crossing in almost 3 weeks, we walked down Bluff Hill from the end of Simla Terrace, along the road and then up the Havelock steps and the steep Havelock Road. Then we went back down and up Havelock Road & steps 4 more times without stopping, an elevation gain of 725ft.

We had a 2pm meeting with the printer to proof-read and check the wedding invitations. Knowing the short timescale, the printer very kindly offered to get the printing done by this evening AND deliver the invitations to Max’s for us to collect as we would be out.

We then had a 3.30pm meeting with the priest to go through some paperwork and discuss options.

Finally we had a 5.30pm appointment at The Old Church with Pauline to taste and select some of the courses being offered for our wedding. 😀

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