More seat time needed in preparation for the Timber Trail bike ride in early January! So we cycled more of the cycle trails which have been created in Hawke’s Bay, this time going north along the coast to the Snapper Café for a late lunch before heading through the trail along the wetlands area near Napier Airport, beside the Ahuriri Estuary and then on to Noel’s Dad’s. After a drink we called it a day and cycled home as there was rain and lightning around. 28 miles / 45km total.

Between Westshore and Bay View, on the way to the café.


Bluff Hill, from where we set out, in the far distance between the two near hills.


Noel feeling at home 🙂


Bluff Hill in the background. We’re approaching the airport from the north.


Plane taking off at Napier Airport, rain and lightning in the distance.


Hmmm, rain and lightning getting closer.


Had a coffee with Max and Rose and then made it back up Bluff Hill with only a few drops of rain falling.