For Max’s 90th birthday we contacted Jan Chisum, a really nice local pilot who flies a Tiger Moth, and arranged a flight for him with her. Max trained on Tiger Moths during WWII prior to flying Spitfires.

We met her and her husband, Jerry, at their place beside Hastings airfield at Bridge Pa. They had pulled out a Tiger Moth and their Gipsy Moth and they very kindly offered Noel or me the chance to go up in whichever plane Max wasn’t going up in.

Sadly however, the weather wasn’t playing ball and it was decided discretion was the better part and we’d do it another day.

Instead, we had an interesting and enjoyable chat with Jan (Jerry had to go elsewhere), who pulled out a bottle of champagne in celebration of Max’s 90th birthday.

The Gipsy Moth has an impressive history and is very special to Jan as her father flew it from England to Sydney in 1934!

This video link is well worth watching.

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