We woke with a start at about 7:40am as there was a loud siren blaring across Leigh. It went on for a while. We had a look outside but couldn’t see any reason for it. Noel said it sounded like the Tsunami warnings he’d heard when growing up. Looking on the internet we couldn’t see any reason for the alarm. And then we heard a fire engine and realised that it is probably the way the Volunteer firemen are called!

Little Barrier Island with Great Barrier Island beyond.

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Another morning of reading and enjoying the weather. Then we drove to Omaha Beach and sat and read some more.

At one point some people walked past with one of them holding a blanket with a ginger cat in her arms. It wasn’t concerned or scared, it was quite happily looking around and its two front paws were free but it wasn’t scrabbling to escape. When they sat down the cat was on a leash and happily wandered around!

Noel went to the local shop and brought back coffee and pecan brownie. 🙂

The Surf Lifeguards packing up.

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We went back to the house and then out to the Matakana Cinema, this time to see the National Theatre Live filmed production of Warhorse. The screen was in a room with the ceiling covered with paper roses and stuffed birds.

Warhorse was amazing. At the interval people walked out for refreshments almost too shell-shocked to talk. And the same at the end! Very impressive performance.